What happens if my balloons pop on the way out the door?

  • Balloons pop–sometimes at just the wrong moment. What makes them pop? Heat & age. Be prepared for a few poppers. We will cheerfully replace anything that pops on your way out the door.

How long will my balloons last?

  • Latex balloons (11") are like small children. They really only last 8-10 hours. However, we have special tricks to keep your balloons lasting longer. We can get your balloons to last for up to a week! Hot, cold, and humid temperatures can affect and often reduce your balloon float times. As with small children, we don't recommend leaving them in a hot car.

  • 16" Latex balloons will stay afloat for approximately 24 hours. 

  • 36" Latex balloons will last anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

  • Mylar balloons will remain full for 3 days (or longer), though air conditioning can cause them to shrink. 

Will you inflate my mylar balloon if I bring it into the store?

  • We can usually inflate most standard mylar balloons, and we’re happy to do it for you. We just charge a fee for the helium. The price varies depending on the size of the balloon.

Do you deliver?

  • Yes! For questions about our delivery fee and if we can deliver to your area, contact Lisa at our Mountain View store (650) 965-0138.

How do I place a custom balloon order?

  • Lisa, our Balloon Decor Specialist, is the person to go to for custom balloon decor (arches, balloon characters, event decor) and anything else balloon-related. She can turn an event from drab to fab in no time! Lisa works at our Mountain View location and can answer questions about pricing, deliveries, and event decor. Just call (650) 965-0138.